EMDR Therapy

1469282462Trauma can cause adverse effects.

That past traumatic event can make having a restful sleep seem foreign.

Remembering that event can keep you constantly alert, expecting something to go wrong. Thoughts keep racing of feeling unsafe, responsible, or having no control.

Living alone with that experience can make your life feel small and without a voice to express how you feel from that experience. It can somehow feel like it was all your fault.

Past trauma can impact you physically and emotionally, making sleep difficult, creating anxiety and depression, and impacting your relationships, even with those you love.

Trauma has many causes.

Exposure to the horrors of war can create a lasting traumatic effect on men and women in the military.

Accidents, sexual assault, and exposure to various forms of violence can create both distrust and hypervigilance.

Loss of someone you love from death or divorce can make it difficult to move forward.

For those suffering from a traumatic experience, breaking the cycle of reliving that event can seem impossible.

EMDR can help break that cycle.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an approach that allows you to process the trauma from a different perspective rather than reliving the event.

With tools and guidance, you can connect to your logical brain to use your strengths and ability to communicate with your emotional brain, which will help process the circumstance.

I always tell people that the person sitting in front of me is not the same person who sat there last week. With time you gain new knowledge, and it is acknowledging the information that helps you create a change to the past perspective of the traumatic event, allowing you to move forward and conquer current and future challenges.

You can change your future by changing the perspective of the past with the person you are today, and EMDR can help. Contact me for an initial consult – let’s start helping you resolve that past event.