Individual Therapy

A text just popped up, and you noticed the time is already 5 pm. Where did the time go? You are upset with yourself that, again, you could not cross off the different tasks you planned to accomplish for the day.

Thoughts keep racing, and you want them to stop or slow down – making you feel alone and unmotivated.

You keep comparing yourself to others, whether to your siblings, coworkers, or strangers, just like other golfers you randomly got paired up with for your four-player game who seem more confident in their swing.

Is there at least one thing in my life that I can control?” is a question that enters your mind. Not being able to control anything makes you feel so inadequate.

Taking control of your life and breaking the cycle comes from leaning into your experiences rather than using another avoidance tactic, hoping that the negative thoughts will go away and not come back louder.

1933407398Individual therapy can help you take control.

Through individual therapy, you can enhance self-awareness and explore what keeps you stuck.

This form of therapy focuses on YOU and provides a meaningful approach to examine those challenges that make you feel out of control – alone and unable to move forward.

Therapy can help you acquire skills designed to help you reach your goals, minimize stress, and slow down and examine your strengths and accomplishments.

In the therapeutic space, you are not alone. While working with someone by your side, you can become more motivated to face life and the stressors that come your way.

Let me be that therapist for you!

Using a mind-body approach, we explore connections to your experiences – because to dissolve, you must resolve.

The closure comes from your exploration of how your negative thoughts have evolved. You will rediscover your strengths to overcome these challenges and learn new tools to regain control.

You have already made it this far, and it can get more manageable when you gain different perspectives and tools to make today a new day.

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