Injury Recovery

1610759395A sports injury can impact you – emotionally and physically.

For a quick second, everything seemed dark, and all you sensed was shooting pain. When your eyes regain focus, you notice you are cradling yourself like a baby on the floor. You are in shock and embarrassed. The coach, teammates, and fans depended on you.

In sports, it is inevitable to experience an injury. The coach always prepares you and teaches you what to expect physically and mentally when things are good as you become an elite athlete.

However, no one prepares you to deal with an injury’s emotional and physical impact. Emotionally, you fear letting the coach, team, or family down or if someone will permanently replace you if you take too long to heal.

Recovery time can be beneficial.

Unfortunately, the time it takes to heal initially appears to be the enemy. However, you can tap into great physical and mental growth potential if you become aware and take advantage of this time.

On a physical level, once medically cleared, you can focus on building strength in other ignored areas of your body, such as hand grips, timing, or core training using different techniques.

On a mental level, an injury allows you to reconnect to family or friends because you sacrificed time with them due to practice, games, and traveling.

Other opportunities can strengthen your identity of who you are on and off the field. Finding things that fulfill you even after you’re playing career ends makes the transition easier.

Therapy can help make injury recovery less stressful.

In therapy, we will examine what the injury means to you and your possibilities to return.

You are allowed to be upset and scared, but you also can discover ways for this time to be an advantage.

During this phase, we look at your values on and off the field and explore ways to start living that life.

There is no need to view your injury as a setback but as an experience that can propel you further into your life goals.

Let’s work together to make your injury recovery less stressful.