Performance Anxiety

2204185289Fear of failure erodes your self-confidence.

You’re standing in the tunnel, about to walk onto the field. These are the moments you dreamed about as a kid.

Getting to this point required much hard work, but you’re stalling. Your heart is pounding wildly, butterflies are doing aerobatics in your stomach, and sweat is pouring off you.

The voice in your head repeatedly says, “You’re just not good enough.” You’re already certain this game will be yet more proof of your inadequacy and that all your efforts were for nothing.

Things weren’t always this way. The field used to be the one place where everything made sense – but not anymore. Now you feel helpless and destined to fail.

Therapy can help you regain confidence.

Performance anxiety generally comes from comparing yourself to others, overthinking the situation, or lack of self-confidence. Such feelings come from pressure from your expectations and those from coaches and fans. Sometimes, that anxiety reaches a point where negativity can impact performance.

As a therapist, I can help you overcome performance anxiety. While working together, we will examine the function and connection of anxiety to your physical and mental state.

Being in the moment does not always stop performance anxiety. However, uncovering the triggers is the best way to keep negative talk from returning, helping you challenge the patterns that keep these thoughts returning and find ways to face them and take away their power.

Every second counts, and time does not slow down while having racing thoughts. You also will practice tools to help you focus on the moments that count and create positive self-talk and visualization of doing well.

Let’s keep you from missing your shot, give you back control, and help you win that trophy. Contact me for an initial consult.