Where is your office located?
Currently, you can find my office while you sit comfortably in your space, whether on your couch or in your car. If you’re in Florida, you can participate in telehealth with me.
What are your hours?
It depends on the day of the week. Generally, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, but Thursdays till 7 pm. However, do not hesitate to ask me if I can make an exception.
How long are the sessions?
Reserve about 50 minutes for yourself. However, to be safe, make yourself available for 1 hour.
Do you take insurance?

I accept some insurance carriers but also provide Super Bills for those who have Out of Network Benefits.

For your convenience, if you have any insurances questions, contact me directly and we will check your benefits for you. Otherwise, call me, and I can discuss the fee rate.

How do I set up the initial appointment?

Though you may feel it is nerve wracking for the next step, I assure you I will make it simple and walk you through it. For your convenience, you can either call (561) 962-1150 or email MDFreyLMHC@gmail.com to start the process. I will then ask you some questions, and feel free to ask me some questions to ensure we are a good fit.

I will then ask about your availability and compare that to my schedule. After that, we will schedule a tentative appointment. Next, I will email you consent forms and preliminary forms to further get to know you better. I will need to receive those forms at least one day before the first appointment to confirm the appointment time officially.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cannot attend a session, please cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, I will charge you a $100 late cancellation or no-show fee.

With what age range do you work?
I work with teens into adulthood.
What do you do in session with clients?
Good question, which depends on the needs of the individual coming to see me. Some people need a space to talk out loud and feel heard by someone who understands. Others feel stuck and want guidance and tools to empower themselves to break their cycle.
What are expectations working with teens?
The first session will start with the client and caretaker to explore expectations of counseling for the first 15 minutes. The rest of the session will continue with teen only. However, parents/guardians should expect to participate in future sessions depending on the needs of the client.
Do your clients receive assignments to work on between sessions?
Yes and no. Sometimes, I give assignments between sessions because life’s problems do not go away by only processing and working on them for about one hour out of a 168-hour week. However, some people do not yet feel comfortable doing the work independently, and I will help provide support until they are ready to apply tools outside of treatment.
What modalities do you practice?
I mainly practice Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), all of which are scientifically proven to help with anxiety, trauma, depression, and addictions. However, I base my approach depending on where you take the conversation in session, and I plug in tools that match where you are concerning your experiences and thinking patterns.
What professional training and experiences do you have?

In college, I was a student athletic trainer with the collegiate athletic department, supporting different sports. After graduating with my BS in psychobiology, I worked at an eating disorder facility for six years. During that time, I worked on obtaining my graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on sports.

I have also interned at a non-profit counseling center working with general populations of all ages. After gaining my Masters, I worked at a substance abuse treatment center. Then after taking some time off to raise my family, I returned to work at the same eating disorder center, where I worked with different populations, including athletes from sports such as crew and basketball.

During that time, I started my private practice. I continued that practice but also wanted to try working at a group practice, where I became Clinical Director. I enjoy helping clients and colleagues alike. During that time, I also got trained in EMDR and am working toward certification in EMDR.

What else must a client know to make the most out of working with you?

Getting the most out of our sessions is by letting go and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with your emotions and experiences. I promise that counseling will not be more painful than what you have already put yourself through.

When you can trust me, you will gain tools and new insight to break the cycle that keeps you stuck. However, I am patient, so do not rush the process because I want the changes you make to be for a lifetime and not just for the moment.

Cats or Dogs?
I have welcomed both into my home, but I have some cat allergies.
Mets or Yankees?
I am a Met fan because they were doing well when I started understanding the game and attended my first professional baseball game.
Giants or Jets?

Giants, though embarrassed to admit the reason, here it goes. Growing up, I always enjoyed watching football. It started with a Super Bowl, Buffalo versus the Giants. Initially that season, I was cheering on Buffalo, but with the team colors being so similar somehow, I confused the two teams. I got into rooting for the Giants. From then on, win or lose I have always cheered the New York Giants.

However, since living in Florida for almost 18 years, I am now starting to also cheer for the Dolphins. Thankfully, they are in a different league from the Giants.