Therapy for Teens

1446075731Being a teenager is demanding.

The alarm goes off for the third time, and you pray that today is Sunday and that someone is playing a mean trick on you. Getting up for school each day is getting more complex.

Your parents constantly annoy you about your grades, who you hang out with, and what you will do with your life.

Kids at school seem to be staring at you, and you hear whispers and laughing as you walk by. You thought they were your friends. But now you feel awkward and alone as you find your way into the bathroom to hide from everyone.

Occasionally, life seems disorienting for teens as they struggle to gain a positive perspective about the present and future.

Transitioning to adulthood is challenging.

Adults treat you like a little kid, always telling you what to do or how to think. You sometimes make mistakes, but why don’t they remember making mistakes when they were your age?

Sometimes, you would rather be with your friends or alone in your room, and describing your uncertainty to adults is challenging.

Freedom to make decisions and have your parents treat you like a soon-to-be adult is essential. At the same time, you still need your parents and dread making future decisions about your life and how to navigate the world.

All you want is the freedom to discover yourself on your terms. Counseling is a place where your experiences are normalized.

Here’s what counseling offers teenagers.

No one is perfect, and navigating toward adulthood does not need to be complicated. Counseling offers a place to be your true self and discover what is important to you and how you want to live your life without judgment.

Whether you want to be an athlete, artist, gamer, influencer, or plan to go to college, you can find yourself. Discovering yourself does not need to be when you finally leave home.

Hope is not lost; you will gain tools to discover your values. Expressing yourself to adults will be more accessible, and you will experience mutual respect. You will connect with your true friends and be able to silence the haters.

Contact me for an initial consultation if you are ready to discover your true self and learn how to meet the challenges of being a teen.