Therapy for Musicians & Artists

1540650029Being professionally creative is demanding.

Creative people dedicate years to reach that moment to receive recognition for their efforts, and in many cases, they start training at an early age – sometimes setting them apart from their families and friends.

Musicians and artists feel pressure to stand out while sharing their talent with the world, hoping the critics and the audience understand their message.

These professions are stressful on the artist and those they love, and to be successful, they must stay current, hone their skills, reach out to their audiences, and strive to maintain their private lives.

Making the right career decisions is not always easy. Success is not always guaranteed, and the path to fame can take many turns – some good and others not.

Quest for recognition can take a toll.

Stress from the constant struggle to be creative and advance as a musician or artist can result in anxiety and depression, and some use various substances to self-medicate to reduce the stress.

Striving for perfection and relevance can lead to failed relationships, anger, and physical and emotional instability.

Family makes pursuing a career more complicated because the artist and their family must sacrifice, and sometimes relationships fail.

Therapy provides an outlet to help reduce the pressure.

You may be an artist or musician who has dedicated years to reach this moment in your life, and now, the time has come to demonstrate your abilities. As you pace back and forth, worrying about being successful, you begin to think that all your hard work has been for nothing.

A lot of professional and personal sacrifice went into pursuing this profession, and the stress can sometimes be unbearable, especially if you choose to struggle alone.

Therapy for musicians and arts provides an outlet where you can be honest about the stress and uncertainty you feel. In our sessions together, we will spend time with you to reconnect to the passion of your art. You will learn the tools to help you stay grounded, allowing you to be in the moment and one with your gift as you share your world.

As a therapist, I understand the need to be creative and, at the same time, have a less stressful life. We can work together to help you regain joy in your creativity and make your life and the lives you love more balanced and happier. Please get in touch with me today for more information!